Suppose your car has broken down. Where will you take it? To the company’s service centre. Why company’s service centre? Because that company is the manufacturer of that car and has all the parts which may be required for repairing your car.

Similarly, who is the manufacturer of this human body? God. With what elements god has made our body? Sky, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Our body is a compilation of these five elements. If we fall sick, then our body will also get repaired by these five elements not by any other method.


Sky means empty space which we get by fasting therefore sky cure is also known as fasting cure. Fasting in Hindi language is called ‘Upvaas’ where Up means near or closer and Vaas means stay. So, it is believed that while fasting, we stay near to god.

In Indian culture, Navratri comes twice in a year representing change in season. Just like on Diwali, we clean our homes, our body also performs cleaning process from inside during Navratri. Therefore, you will notice most of the people suffer from fever, cold, and cough during these days.

These acute diseases indicate that our body is cleaning itself from inside throwing out all the toxins. If we keep fast on Navratri then, our body will be ready for the next 6 months to withstand both hot and cold weather.

During fasting, your tongue will become white, dark yellow coloured urine will pass, and your sweat will be smelly. This shows that our mother nature is excreting all toxins outside our body through these mediums.

But today’s modern and civilized world hardly gives any importance to fasting. People either fear or make fun of fasting and of those who keep fast. Nowadays people modify fasting as per their comfort. They eat buckwheat flour bread (kuttu ka atta) along with potato, tapioca (sabudana), milk, and milk products. Some people take tea or coffee also. They are actually unaware about the harmful effects of this kind of fasting on their digestive as well as nervous system.

The proper and authentic way of fasting is either to have nothing or only have water or any other alkaline liquid including coconut water, white ash gourd juice, banana stem juice, amla juice, or vegetable juice. If you can’t control your hunger, then you must have raw vegetables and fruits. This type of fasting will not do any harm to your digestive and nervous system.


Can a person survive if not given food for 2 days? Yes. What will happen if that person is not given air for just 2 minutes? Just imagine and try to understand how important this air is for every living being. In our scriptures, air is considered as ‘Praanvayu’ which means ‘Air of Life’. Despite this, we pay no attention to this element of our body. Everybody just focuses on eating food. Does only food provide essential nutrients? What about the vitamins we get from air?

We keep our windows and doors closed to stop cold air in winter and hot air in summer. We sit in bending position or keep pillow behind us for support. Because of this, our lungs don’t get enough air. We sleep on soft mattresses which are just like a swing. Our head and feet are lighter as compared to our torso, so we sleep in a swing whole night. This also results in lungs getting lesser air.

Air bath is the best way to provide complete air element to our body. Either wear no clothes or wear as less clothes as possible and let your body organs get some fresh air. You can also switch on fans if necessary. Toddlers must be kept without clothes or less clothes inside home during summers so that they can get complete benefit of air. Do not take air bath during too hot or too cold weather.

We also take breath from the pores of our skin other than lungs. Always try to wear light-coloured clothes of cotton and during winters wear cotton clothes beneath woollen ones.


In Indian culture, Sun is regarded as the God of Health. Just like we wake up and clean our home whenever any guest is coming to our home. Similarly, sun visits our home daily so we must wake up before sunrise and welcome the Sun. Sleeping after sunrise is just like disrespecting the Sun.

Our health is deeply related to sunlight.

Bath is not only of one type which we take every day. That bath is to clean our body from outside. Sunbath is to keep our body clean from inside. Sunbath is super important for unhealthy as well as for a healthy person. Whenever insects attack grains or pulses kept in our kitchen, what do we do? We keep them under sunlight so that they get clean for consumption. Similarly, sunlight post 1 hour of sunrise and before 1 hour of sunset is super essential for the cleaning of our body from inside.

Keep these points in mind while sunbathing:

  • Take sunbath for 15-20 minutes initially and then increase gradually.
  • Always wear cotton and light-coloured clothes while sunbathing.
  • Do not take sunbath during afternoon when it’s too harsh.
  • Stop sunbathing on feeling sweaty.
  • Cover your head and face while sunbathing.

Benefits of Sunbathing:

  • It’s free of cost unlike steam bath or any other bath which is not as beneficial as sunbathing.
  • Sunlight being one of the five elements which make our body, is a type of food everyone must have daily.
  • It maintains our blood flow.
  • It removes all the toxins from the body and keeps it clean from inside.
  • Apart from being the best natural source of vitamin D, sunlight maintains the level of alkaline in our blood which results in taking our calcium, thiamine, and phosphorous from the food we eat.
  • It also tones our nervous system.


Water in Buddhism, symbolises the purest form of food and nature carries this element everywhere.

Our planet comprises 2/3rd water and 1/3rd earth. Similarly, our body is 2/3rd water and 1/3rd bones and flesh. Therefore, the food of human must be a combination of 2/3rd water and 1/3rd grains, rice, pulses, and other foods.

Does this mean that we should drink 4 glasses of water empty stomach as soon as we wake up? No, absolutely not.

Any advise related to your health will come from your inner self. Your body will tell and give signal regarding whatever it needs. Nobody can advise you about your health. Your body will tell you when should you eat, when should you drink, when should you rest, when should you fast, everything. The digestive power and lifestyle of every person is different. You should eat when you feel hungry, you should drink water when you feel thirsty. It’s as simple as that. Drinking water without being thirsty just increases the work of your digestive system and kidneys. It expands our stomach resulting in less digestive power.

The temperature of anything you eat, or drink must match with that of your body therefore keep water in your mouth for some time and then swallow. Drinking too cold or too hot water requires more energy to bring back to the body temperature.

Never drink water or any liquid like soup, cold drink, tea, coffee, buttermilk, juice etc. along with food. Having liquid along with food dilutes the digestive juices that our body secretes for digestion resulting in slow digestion.

There is one thumb rule that everybody must follow which is: “Hot feet, soft stomach, cool head and all your diseases will be dead.”


Foods which we get from earth like grains, rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits, etc. comprises the Earth element.

A human body is made from food not run by food. Our body is run by our living force, our mind, and our soul. So, this is a myth that we only get our energy from the food we eat. We are a combination of 5 elements and all 5 elements are equally necessary for our health.

The healthier your food, the healthier your mind.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fibre, these are all different parts of our food. We can get all these nutrients from a vegetarian diet. Some foods are rich in protein like soybean, milk, pulses, peanuts, coconut, etc. Some have high carbohydrates like grains, rice, potato, sweet potato, sweet fruits, sugarcane, etc. Some have more fat like ghee, oil, milk, dry fruits, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, etc. We can get minerals and vitamins from green leafy vegetables, fruits, soaked dry fruits, and grains. Pulses and grains with their skin intact are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

If you also want to live a healthy life, then start paying attention to all five elements not only just one.

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