Our digestion begins from the mouth itself when we chew our food. After chewing, we swallow the food for further processes. Our digestive system begins digesting this food and finally waste material gets excreted out.

In the entire process, our stomach is that one place where the food stays for 5 to 6 hours and digestive process goes on.

On feeling hungry, we eat food and half fill our stomach. We get a burp when our stomach is half-filled which is called Content Burp. This burp indicates that our stomach is half-filled which is enough as 1/4th space is required for digestive juices and 1/4th for digestive processes.

Our body releases digestive juices according to the food we consume. These juices reach stomach to help in digestion of the food we had.

What will happen if you fill your mouth completely with water and then try to gargle? Will you be able to do it? Or, will you be able to churn ghee or butter from curd if the container of the curd is filled to the top? No. Because there is no space left for churning. Similarly, digestive juices and digestive process needs space in stomach so that they can perform some necessary mechanical actions to digest the food. Therefore, stomach gives signal in the form of Content Burp that its half-filled and now it needs space for digestion processes so do not eat more.

But we never pay attention to the signals that our body gives. We keep eating until our stomach is filled.

When we eat further even after getting content burp, we get one more burp after some time which is called Completion Burp. This indicates that the stomach is filled and now can’t help in digestion as there is no space left.

As per the rule, the body keeps releasing digestive juices whether the stomach is completely filled, or half filled. Now, these digestive juices or acids find no space in stomach, so they stuck in the food pipe. This is what we call Acidity.

Our stomach now is filled like a closed container in which nothing more can come, and no action can take place. The food kept in the stomach starts rotting. This rotten food releases gases. Some of these gases get exhaled in the form of fart and some of these get exhaled from our mouth. While coming out from our mouth, these gases come in contact with the digestive juices stuck in the food pipe and become acidic. This is what we call Acidic Burp.

Just stop and think this one simple thing – if we humans stop eating after getting Content Burp then we will not get any gastric and acidity problems for lifetime. And, if we keep ignoring the signals of our body then no digestive pills can help us. 80% of the world’s population is suffering from gastric and acidity problems.

Till now, you get to know about three types of burps – Content burp, Completion burp, and Acidic burp. There is a fourth type of burp also which is called Hunger Burp. After 5-6 hours of having food, our stomach pushes the food to the small intestine no matter the food is digested or not. Food has to leave the stomach in 5-6 hours in any situation. When our stomach becomes empty after pushing the food to small intestine then again, our stomach contracts and releases some air which is called Hunger Burp. This burp has no smell or taste and after this, you will feel light. This doesn’t mean that you will start eating immediately. This burp is an indication by our stomach that it has just got free from the food it had before. Now, it needs some rest. When after 1-2 hours of getting hunger burp, you feel extremely hungry then you should eat. We must eat only when our body signals us that the previous food is digested. If we start paying attention to this one simple thing then there will be no digestion problems.

If you are healthy, you must only get two burps among the four which are Content burp and Hunger burp. The other two burps – completion and acidic, are not for a healthy person.

Some people don’t get Content burp. Why?

We should ideally eat twice in a day but how many times we eat? 4-5 times including evening snacks. We keep eating again and again so our stomach never gets free. It remains in an expanded position and eventually loses its elasticity. How will anyone experience content burp in this situation?

While eating, we must keep some hunger alive and stop eating when we begin feeling some heaviness.

Our body keeps signalling us about our health and whatever is going inside our body but its us who don’t listen and ignore those signals. Therefore, most of the people today are unhealthy.

Just start listening what your body wants to convey and you can live a disease-free healthy life forever.

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