You take bath everyday but that bath cleans your body from outside. What about the filth, dirt, and toxins that are stuck inside your body making you sick?

Right now, your body must be like the pipe on the left side in the image which has not been cleaned from years.

Cleaning your body from inside doesn’t mean to start gulping a bottle full of detox water every day. Drinking water without thirst is not at all beneficial. In fact, this increases the work of your digestive system unnecessarily. Nor does detoxifying means fasting and starving for a day and then run for heavy meals the very next day. This disturbs your digestion even more. Detoxifying your body must be a part of your lifestyle just like your daily bath is.

How to Make Detoxification Your Lifestyle?

The best way to clean your body from inside is 3-Day Juice Fasting. Fasting is of various types. One of the most effective and easy way of detoxification is Juice Fasting. You don’t starve at all. Juices keep your tummy full and your body energetic. You will be surprised by the amount of energy you will receive while fasting. Your digestive system will be thankful to you for giving it some rest.

Which Juice?

Take any seasonal vegetable or fruit. You can mix whatever vegetables are available or vegetables that you love and just juice them. Fruit juice can be taken once in a day. Don’t forget to sieve the juice as no fibre is required for detoxification. In 3 days, you will be amazed to see the marvellous effects it does to your body as well as to your health. From your body weight to your hair and your skin, you will be astonished to notice the impact.

Some people might get some detoxifying symptoms as well like fever, cold, cough, vomiting, lose motions, and boils. DO NOT SUPPRESS THESE SYMPTOMS. No need to freak out or fear from these. You should be thankful that you get these. They came to clean your body and throw all the waste material, filth, and toxins out. Let Mother Nature do her work. If you will come in between the cleaning process, your body won’t be able to throw the toxins away and they make you diseased in future.

How to Break Fast?

Breaking fast is equally important as keeping fast. There is a very simple formula of breaking the fast. If you have kept 3 days fasting then it will take 1.5 days to come back to your normal routine. If you have kept 8 days fast then it will take 4 days to break it.

Breaking fast is just like driving a car. To initiate the engine or to start the breaking process of fast, you have to start with any fruit juice in the morning without sieving it. Then in breakfast, you have to take any one type of fruit. In lunch, a bowl full of raw vegetable salad. During evening, you can have herbal tea. And, in dinner again you will have any one type of fruit. For 1.5 days, you have to keep this routine. After this, you will start taking wheat and salt that too gradually. On the fifth day, you can start having wheat and salt in lunch.

It’s like gears of a car. You can’t jump from first gear to fourth gear directly. You need to go to second gear then third and then fourth. Similarly, wheat and salt is the fourth gear. You can’t have them immediately after keeping the fast.

You won’t feel starved and weak at all during juice fasting. Instead, you will be much more energised as 60-70% of our energy is consumed in digesting only. During juice fast, this energy of yours will be saved. Mother nature will utilise this energy in healing and cleaning your body. Try it and you will be amazed. You can keep Juice Fasting once in 15 days. This will keep your body clean and detoxified forever. That filth and waste material will keep eliminating from your body leading to a healthy and clean body.

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