So many health advisers giving so many diet plans, so many instructions, so many advises, and earning so many dollars? Are you getting that many benefits? Think again.

Whether you are a vegetarian, a non-vegetarian, or an eggetarian, have you ever given a thought about what’s on your plate? What are you giving to your body? What’s making people so unhealthy these days? What has changed from the past few decades that has made all of us sick? So many new diseases have come up which are not even heard before by our ancestors? Do our ancestors follow any magical diet because of which they were much healthier than we are today? Yes, they do, and that magical diet still exists but we are so puzzled with all the options available that we don’t even notice it. That magical diet is given directly by our Mother Nature. What has changed from past few decades is the food that we intake, the lifestyle that we follow, the violent ways with which we treat our body. If your food is right, you don’t need anything else to remain healthy. If your food is wrong then nothing can help.

Can anyone in this world who is above 30 years claim that he is 100% healthy. More than 90% people can’t claim this. Because its becoming a trend now a days. Or it has been made a trend for personal benefits. If you will be cured permanently then it will have a huge impact on our economy. Is your health so much interesting for economy? No, it's your ill health.

Diet is not only about getting enough nutrition, it’s about which nutrition and in how much quantity.

Change Your Food, Get Back Your Health!

Our diet must include at least 70% raw food which is given to us by our mother nature. We don’t have to cook them or flavor them with salt or lemon juice or any other seasoning. Pure raw vegetables and fruits. 70% means we should have cooked meal only once in a day.

When did the last time you had plate full of fruits or salad in lunch or dinner? We have forgotten the actual need of our body and we are violating the laws of mother nature. It seems normal to us because we have become habitual of eating cooked and fried food all the time. We do what we see around us. Environment plays a vital role here. When we see everybody around eating unhealthy food, it seems normal it seems okay to us. In fact nowadays, if we see anyone eating a plate full of fruits or salad, that looks absurd and boring. Why? Because of the environment which has been created by some large scale companies contributing to our economy. You will never see an advertisement which promotes eating fruits or salad or coconut water on television. But of junk food? Yes, entire day.

You should start your day with coconut water or ash gourd juice. Coconut water is natural glucose which gives you immense energy for your entire day. When fasting, if you take only 3-4 coconut water in your entire day, you will not go out of energy. Your diet must be alkaline for which you should drink ash gourd juice as it’s highly alkaline in nature. Alkaline diet raises the pH level of your body and also provides vitamin C, potassium, and fibre.

It's scientifically proven that keeping fast once in a week detoxifies your body and remove all the toxins. There are several testimonies available of people who have recovered major health problems without any medicines. They just didn’t feed the disease for some days. They remain on fast and recovered within few days.

Fasting is the cure of almost every type of disease from minor to major. If you also want to clean your body and live a disease-free life, then fasting is the best and most trustworthy method. Even our scriptures mention, "Langhanam Param Aushadham" (Fasting is the best medicine).

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