Why should you poop everyday? Is it necessary? What will happen if you won't poop for a week? It might be so normal for some people but actually it isn't. Your body will turn into a dumping ground from inside. Food you had will start rotting. Toxins, filth, and waste material will accumulate in your body giving invitation to diseases.

What Should Be Done?

Every living being has an inner healing power which can take care of all diseases. Understand this by an illustration:

What will you do if any of your bone gets fractured? You will get plastered and take rest right? Is it that plaster which joins your broken bone? No. It automatically joins from inside because there is a healing power inside every living being. If that healing power is so strong that it can join a broken bone then, can’t it cure your disease? You just have to have complete faith on it and give it a chance.

Among all amazing creations on earth including rivers, mountains, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and many more, we are the most beautiful and unique creation of God. We are Humans and a Human body is self-repairing, self-curing, self-reproductive, and fully automatic. We are a combination of our body, mind, and soul.

God has made everything complete with utmost perfection and wholesomeness. Just like a seed of wheat is capable enough to make hundreds and thousands of its kind, humans are also whole and complete. Then, why are we suffering from so many diseases today?

Focus on why are we diseased rather than searching for how will we get cured. Eliminating the root cause of any problem is the actual solution. Suppressing the problem only leads to worsening it.

We are not machines. Machines can’t grow bigger on their own. They can’t give birth to another machine. They can’t think and understand. And, they can’t repair themselves. But humans grow on their own, humans give birth, humans can think and understand, and yes, humans are self-curing.

Manufacturer of anything is the one who knows about his creation thoroughly. None can understand and know about the Do’s and Dont’s of any creation better than its manufacturer. Are human bodies made in laboratories? No right? Who is our manufacturer? God. We are part of his creation so there are certain rules and regulations for us also. God has made some laws and policies of nature about which we are either unaware or ignorant.

The most fundamental law of this human body is to remain clean not only from outside but from inside as well. We keep our self clean from outside by taking bath daily. What about inside cleaning? Whenever we get fever, cold, cough, ulcer, boils, lose motions, and vomiting, this indicates that mother nature is cleaning our body from inside. But we suppress these symptoms and stop the cleaning process. This leads to accumulation of toxins, filth, and waste material inside the body gradually taking the form of diseases like stones, lumps, joint pain, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, paralysis, etc.

Diseases are just the accumulation of waste material inside our body. If we keep our body clean from inside and let mother nature perform the cleaning process, then we can never get any type of disease. Stop suppressing fever, cold, cough, boils, lose motions, and vomiting. Let the filth and toxins in your body come out and you will live a disease-free life forever.

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