When you get a new mobile phone or a new inverter, it has a battery which has limited power range. You can recharge the battery again and again but you can’t increase its power. You save the battery by limiting mobile usage. Similarly, when you take birth, you get a limited amount of vital energy which you can’t increase but can save it. You get a small portion of that vital energy daily. Just like you charge your phone at night, your body also charge itself when you sleep at night and prepare itself for the next day. This goes on your entire life. This vital energy is responsible for each and every function of your body whether running or cooking or cleaning or thinking or curing or digesting.

Among all the functions, digestion takes 70% of your vital energy.

The older the battery of your phone or inverter, the more time it will take to get charged. Its capacity starts decreasing with time. Similarly, with age, the charging capacity of your body also starts decreasing. Your body becomes less capable to do work. Therefore, if a child’s bone gets fractured, it rejoins quickly as compared to an adult’s broken bone. This means that your vital energy keeps decreasing with age.

When we take birth, our stomach has enough amount of Sodium which is a digestive enzyme. Whenever we eat, our body releases this enzyme for the digestion of food. We eat unhealthy food at younger age and our body keeps releasing sodium for its digestion. Gradually, there is no sodium left in the stomach. It starts taking sodium from our bones due to which the calcium present in our bones starts hardening. Its not the deficiency of calcium in the bones, its the hardening of calcium due to lack of sodium which causes knee pain, back pain, neck pain, spondylolysis, osteoporosis, cervical, and other bone related diseases. You might be taking treatment from years for getting the calcium or grease of your bones back but its not the calcium, its the sodium which you have over utilised. If you keep taking calcium from external sources even for years then also your problems can’t be resolved.

How to Get Sodium?

First of all, you need to stop eating those foods which require sodium for digestion. These foods include pulses, any milk product, sweets, fried foods, junk foods, non-veg, eggs, and any packaged food or drink. These foods require high amount of sodium for digestion.

What to Eat?

Include alkaline foods in your diet: ash gourd juice, coconut water, banana stem juice, amla juice, raw vegetables salad, fruits, and green leaf vegetables. These foods will fulfil the deficiency of sodium in stomach in 3 months.

Following this diet just for some days will not show any positive result in knee pain or back pain or any other pain. In 3 months, the stomach will fulfil its own sodium requirement. After completing that, it will start giving sodium to the bones. The calcium in bones will start regaining its elasticity after 3 months. Your hard bones will start becoming softer now vanishing all the pains gradually.

Have you noticed the difference between the stems of a dying plant and a healthy plant?

The stems of a healthy plant are soft and elastic whereas the stems of a dying plant are hard and brittle. What if we keep the dying plant in a water container? Will it regain its life? No. We need to keep that plant in a container which has both water and soil. Like this, the plant is again rooted back to Mother Earth. Water is the medium which carries all the nutrients given by Mother Earth and deliver them to different parts of the plant. Within some days, the plant regain its lost life.

Similarly, the roots of a human is in his stomach. Our roots also need a combination of water and soil to regain the lost elasticity. God has given us soil in the form of sun-cooked vegetables and fruits but we take them as a side dish which is consumed along with a heavy meal. A plate full of raw vegetable salad without any salt, seasoning, oil, and sauces, and a plate full of fruits is a whole and complete meal in its own. You can eat salad or fruit as much as your hunger demands. These foods have 70% water in them. They are the perfect combination of water and soil. Including 70% raw foods in your diet will eliminate all the toxins from your body and you will be ready to run a marathon.

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