People keep asking me a lot of questions related to how to live a healthy and longer life. What should they eat? What should they not eat? Is there any impact of food on their lifespan?

Yes. there is a direct relation of your food on your lifespan.

And, in this blog I will explain a scientific relation between your lifespan and your food, and how they are equally proportional to each other.

So, there’s something called Junk DNA. May be many of you have heard of this term before. It is also called “Telomere”.

In your DNA strand which carries the information about your physical body, there’s a piece of it which has no information. This piece is called Junk DNA or Telomere. It’s like the casings in your shoelaces. It protects the information concealed in your DNA from both the sides.

For a long time, scientists felt that the cells in our body split, redouble, and just duplicate themselves. They can go on and on and on like this and can keep duplicating themselves forever.

But, recently, scientists came up with a new study that it’s not possible. Cells can’t keep duplicating themselves forever because when cells duplicate, the DNA duplicates and every time the DNA duplicates, a small piece of the junk DNA is lost. And, every time it’s lost, the lifespan of that person is reduced.

More the junk DNA, the longer you live. Faster the pieces or bigger the pieces loss of the junk DNA, the closer you are getting to death.

Scientists perform multiple experiments to get to know how to increase the lifespan. They wanted to do two things:

  • Reduce the rate of cell splitting and duplicating. The lesser the rate of cells duplicating, the lesser will be the pieces of junk DNA lost.
  • Reducing the size of the pieces of the Junk DNA which get lost. The smaller the pieces lost, the longer a person can live.

Scientists were even given 2009 noble prize for this discovery.

Through repeated experiments, they got to know that Junk DNA has a direct connection with the calorie intake. The more your calorie intake, the bigger will be the pieces of telomere lost or the faster will be the rate of the duplication of cells. The lesser the calorie intake, the smaller will be the pieces of telomere lost or the slower will be the rate of duplication of cells. And, the person lives longer.

At the end of this experiment, two things came out:

  • Those who drink liquor, those who eat meat, those who take drugs, and those who have frequent sex, the pieces of their telomere lost are bigger because of which they age faster and get closer to death.
  • Those who live a vegetarian life and remain in the mode of goodness, the pieces of their telomere lost are very small because of which they live longer, healthier, and look younger.

An experiment was conducted on a bench of 14 students. Their calorie intake was cut down by 25% for 15 days. The results were good but not feasible as the students felt very weak after 15 days.

After regular and multiple experiments, scientists got to know that this same result can be obtained by fasting for 36 hours once in every 15 days.

In Spiritual Term, this 36-hour fasting in every 15 days is what we call Ekadashi.

So, not only from the spiritual point of view but from the scientific point of view as well, keeping a 36-hour fast in every 15 days and consuming a vegetarian diet has a direct relation with our healthy and longer life.


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