People have become big cheese eaters from last few decades. Mothers now pack grilled cheese sandwiches in their kid’s lunch box. Street vendors grate a decent quantity of cheese on a dosa.

Cheese noodles, cheese parantha, cheesy potato balls, cheese maggi, cheese eggplant, four cheese pasta (as if one was not enough), cheesy corns roll, cheese bread pakora, cheese samosa, double cheese pizza, cheese burger, cheesy rice bowl, cheesy this cheesy that, cheese cheese cheese. There is cheese spread everywhere and off course in everybody’s refrigerator as well. Kids love all these cheesy junk foods and they are becoming their everyday meal.


Food industry spends $2 billion every year in marketing directly to children and teenagers because they know that it works. If your child watches a typical amount of television every year, he or she will be seeing around 4600 ads for foods and drinks. These ads get kids to prefer certain foods and eat more than required. It has become nearly impossible to make kids stay away from junk food marketing. Almost 73% of teenagers are now on some social media site. Food industry marketers are all over and know where they can find kids for advertising their product.

What’s Wrong with Cheese?

Cheese is very high in sodium increasing the blood pressure. Also, it comprises a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat which gradually makes the functioning of heart difficult. More than anything else, cheese has 25 g protein per 100 grams. So what? Protein is good for your kids growth. Right? WRONG!

Indian researchers studied two groups of rats. Both groups were administered with the same amount of cancer-causing aflatoxin. To one group, they fed a diet that composed of 20% protein and another group was fed with 5% protein diet. Every single rat that consumed 20% protein diet got liver cancer and every single rat that consumed 5% protein diet avoided liver cancer. This study leaves no doubt that nutrition trumped chemical carcinogens in controlling cancer. T. Colin Campbell, an American biochemist and his son, Thomas M. Campbell, mentioned about this study in his book The China Study. Also, he mentions that animal protein consumption is associated with great body weight but not with great health. Animal protein is considered responsible for the most heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. If you want greater height and healthy body weight for your kids then add plant protein in their diet. There are findings which support the idea that body stature can be achieved consuming a low-fat, plant-based diet.

Your diet altogether works to either create health for you and your loved ones or disease. Choice is yours.

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