When anything is consistent and stays for long, it starts becoming a habit. That’s what is happening nowadays when it comes to diseases. We are becoming habitual of being diseased or watching people suffering and dying from diseases. It has become so NORMAL. Whether in the news or in our surroundings, we keep hearing about people suffering so much that now we have accepted to live like this. We have become resigned about our health accepting that this is how it is with everybody and this is how it meant to be.

NO. It is not, and it is not at all Normal.

Are you born with diseases? If yes, then that’s a different scenario altogether otherwise, there is no disease which should exist in your body. Nobody is meant to die because of any disease. Nobody is fated to die suffering on a hospital bed. Being healthy, being disease-free, and living free from drugs is what I call NORMAL.

Among all other health issues, when it comes to eyes, there is rarely any eye optician who guarantees that the number can get reversed and you can get rid of your spectacles within a defined time frame. You might get a commitment that the number won’t increase further but no commitment for a complete cure.

My husband, Rajat, was in 9th standard when he started wearing spectacles. It’s been almost 15 years now and obviously spectacles have become a part of his life like it’s very normal. He shopped for 2 new spectacles from Lenskart in January 2020 having no idea that after a few months, he won’t be even needing them.

In Feb 2020, we attended the 4-day residential camp and started following the science we learnt there.

In March, suddenly he started getting severe headaches almost daily. Initially, we thought it’s because of the changes in the diet we made. His body might be reacting to that. Then, we thought maybe we should get an eye checkup done. We went to the optician near our home and there we get the most shocking yet amazing NEWS!

Look at this incredible conversation:

The Optician: “Why are you wearing spectacles of much higher power than the actual power of your eyes? From where you have got these?”

Rajat: What? I got these from Lenskart this year only in January. What’s the problem with them?

The Optician: You are wearing spectacles of almost double the actual power of your eyes. Lenskart must have made some mistake in making your spectacles. These spectacles are magnifying everything.

Lenskart spectacles number
Actual Power of Eyes

The actual power of your eyes is:

Right Eye: -0.25/-0.50*90 degrees

Left Eye: -1.00*70 degrees

The number of your spectacles is:

Right Eye: -1.00/-0.50*70 degrees

Left Eye: -0.25/-1.50*80 degrees

Rajat: Seriously? I don't think Lenskart has made any mistake. Can it be because of the change in diet? I am following a vegan diet from last 1 month and included raw vegetables and fruits more in my diet than cooked food.

The Optician: It can be. There are many factors responsible for weak eyesight. But this is a major drop in power. If this is because of the diet, then you are doing a great job. In the next couple of months, you won’t be requiring any spectacles.

We were shocked and equally happy by such positive results.

In April, we again went for the eye checkup.

The Optician: You no more have any spherical number in both your eyes. There is only -0.5 cylindrical number left in both eyes. Great improvement. This -0.5 will also be gone very soon.

Rajat: WOW! This is so unexpected.

So, this is one of the major advantages we got by following that science.

Isn’t it amazing? Just by bringing some changes in your lifestyle for some months, you can get rid of even those health issues which are with you for decades.

Now, Rajat wears 0 power spectacles while driving, working, and watching TV.

So, here’s what he did for 3 months:

Please note that he religiously followed everything.

First step: No milk products. No caffeine.

Rajat didn’t like tea, but he was very fond of coffee especially cold coffee. He used to have 4-5 glasses of cold coffee in a day. Initially, it was a bit difficult to leave coffee as caffeine addiction is no less than liquor addiction. But he knew it’s necessary for the health, so he left it completely. And, completely means not even once in a week.

Second very important step: Sun Gazing.

Sun gazing is a process of simply watching the Sun. Sun is called the god of health in our scriptures. Its energy is so beneficial and necessary for every living being. Sun rays have healing capabilities which help in removing toxins from our body making us healthier.

How to do it?

  • Wake up before sunrise and freshen up. If possible, go to any park or garden and stand facing the Sun barefoot.
  • Look at the sun without spectacles and chant Gayatri Mantra.
  • Feel thankful for the existence and significance of the Sun in your life.
  • Try to build a connection with the Sun. Feel that you are taking the energy of the Sun inside you and that energy is healing your eyes, your body, your mind, and your soul.
  • Start sun gazing with just 5 seconds and then gradually increase the duration by 5 seconds each passing day. You can also count the number of chants of the Gayatri Mantra and keep increasing that daily.
  • After sun gazing, rub your hands and place them on your eyes for a few seconds.
  • Remove your hands but keep your eyes closed and watch the sun with closed eyes for a few seconds.
  • Rub your hands and place them on your eyes again for few more seconds.
  • Now, you can open your eyes.

There are certain points which must be remembered while sun gazing:

  • Sun gazing is done only post 1 hour of sunrise and before 1 hour of sunset. These two hours are the only recommended time suitable to do sun gazing. The sun rays during these two hours are beneficial and not so harsh.
  • DO NOT SUN GAZE IN AFTERNOON or any other time of the day. It might damage your eyes because, during any other hour, sun rays are very harsh.
  • Do not wear spectacles while sun gazing.
  • If your eyes become watery while sun gazing, stop doing it right away.
  • You can blink your eyes.
  • If during sunrise and sunset also, the sun seems harsh to you then you can do sun gazing with closed eyes. Or, you can take a leaf and place it in between your eyes and the Sun.
  • Sun rays must reach your eyes directly not through any glass window.

Experience of doing sun gazing varies from person to person but one thing is for sure that the experience is so incredible. Some people see an orange light, some see a yellow light source, and some see blue and black colors. Rajat sees something like a dark blue night sky with stars.

Third Step: Wet Pack

Wet pack means any cotton cloth or patti or handkerchief dipped in normal tap water. Wrap it around your eyes for 10-15 minutes twice or thrice in a day and just relax. You can also place grated cucumber on your eyes and then place the wet pack over it. After 15 minutes, your tired eyes will be so refreshed.

Fourth Step: Changing food habits.

None of the above steps will give 100% benefit if you will not bring changes in your food habits. Start with bringing tiny changes in your routine. Rajat started by having ash gourd juice or coconut water empty stomach and replacing breakfast with a bowl full of any one type of fruit. Within a week, he starts noticing the benefits. Then he replaced lunch with raw salad and started having cooked meal only once in a day.

Fifth Step: Juice Fasting

In April, we kept juice fasting for 3 days. On 6th, 7th, and 8th April, we only had vegetable juice, fruit juice, coconut water, and ash gourd juice. It might be sounding difficult but trust me, it’s not. We have not starved. Juices are very fulfilling and taste yum. Give them a try. In those 3 days, we were much more energetic, focused, and productive. No weakness at all.

Inspiration behind Juice Fasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-WUP5psyuM

Must watch this amazing documentary of Joe Cross who regained his health by keeping Juice Fasting for 60 days. He lost around 50 Kgs and cured all his health problems without any drugs.

Another Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC53cAvFeWsNwsfCQnJmLjDQ

Subah Jain is the disciple of Acharya Mohan Gupta who went to Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida (World's Most Prestigious Cancer Healing Institute) and then became a certified health educator. Now, she teaches people to cure their diseases without any drugs.

So, this is how Rajat got rid of his spectacles in just 3 months.

Keep this in mind that everything is interrelated. If you think that you will just do sun gazing and apply wet pack but will not bring changes in your diet, sorry to say but the results won’t be positive.

I did the same mistake. I did sun gazing and applied wet packs as Rajat did but when it came to food, I did some cheating here and there. I couldn’t resist. And, I do feel guilty about it.

When I got headaches, we went to the optician to get my eye checkup done. The power of my eyes increased by 0.5 instead of getting reversed. So, you need to religiously follow everything. I took this as a lesson and now working on it.

It will just take 3-4 months to get rid of those spectacles. You just need to get mentally prepared and begin the journey.

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If you need any assistance or have any query, you can write to us @ downtherope@gmail.com.