For any type of disease be it acute, chronic or destructive, the reason is the accumulation of toxins and filth inside our body. This leads to lack of immunity power in our body. For instance, four people get wet in the rain. One of them caught cold. When asked about the reason of his illness, he blamed bad weather. But weather was bad for all four people then why only he is the one who caught cold? The reason of his illness is not bad weather but his weak immunity power. The other three persons were having good immunity power, so they withstood the rain, but he didn’t.

Similarly, not all people get diseased. People with strong immunity power do not get affected. But those with weak immunity power get affected easily. So, what do you need to do to remain protected?

You Need to Raise Your Health Level

Just like darkness has no existence when there is light present. Similarly, diseases have no existence of their own if your health level is high.

Let’s understand this thing with another illustration. When you go out with garbage in your hand then will you throw it on a clean space or in a dustbin or any place which is already dirty? Obviously, you will either throw the garbage either in a dustbin or any dirty place. Similarly, any kind of virus when spreads, harm only the one whose body is dirty from inside. The virus will not affect those who have clean body from inside. So, if you are confident that your body is clean from inside then you don’t need to worry about any virus.

As per the principles and policies of mother nature lifestyle, all diseases are one and the cause of all diseases is also one which is the body being dirty from inside. When you go for health checkups, what did your reports say? Increase in sugar level or cholesterol level or blood pressure or uric acid or weight. Your body has stones, neoplasia, knots, skin disease, heart blockage, or cancer. All these are saying the same thing that there are some substances inside your body which should not be there which means that your body is dirty from inside or the amount of dirt in the body has increased.

What will happen if you will not clean your house for 20-25 years? Won’t you get caught with diseases? Instead of cleaning your house, if you just keep spraying room freshener or perfume or lit incense sticks daily then will that stop insects from coming inside? Should that insect be inspected or checked or treated or should the house be cleaned? Similarly, when our body tries to take the dirt out, in the form of cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, boils, pimples, and cough, then we stop this process by suppressing them. By doing this, we stop the process of cleanliness of our body from inside. This leads to weak immunity power and viruses harm such dirty bodies. If we will not clean our body from inside, will not detoxify our body, and will keep accumulating dirt then be ready to face such upcoming new viruses every day. This is a never-ending process which will keep increasing if you will not pay attention to the cleanliness of your body.

The need of the hour is to clean your body from inside. We can recover from any disease just by improving our habits.

Fasting is the Supreme Medicine

It’s not necessary that every complex problem must have a complex and difficult solution. The solution can be simple also.

Learn from simple power distribution system at homes. When electricity goes out, we turn on the inverter. Inverter has stored energy inside it which you can utilise in multiple ways as per the requirement. If you need fans and lights, then you will switch off the fridge or cooler. If you need grinder or mixer then you will turn off lights and fans. You will utilise that stored energy of inverter for those activities which need to be done at that time. Similarly, we have to utilise the energy of our body. When we fall ill, mother nature kills our hunger so that our body can utilise the stored energy in recovering our health. Start noticing any animal or bird be it cow, buffalo, dog, or cat. You will see that they also give up their food when they feel sick. This is the biggest scientific proof of the principles of our mother nature. When we give rest to our digestive system, then our inner power starts the process of curing the disease. During fracture, when we give rest to our bone, it automatically gets connected. You don’t need anything else for that. Just like that, when digestive system is at rest, the body utilise our inside power to cure diseases. Multiple lifestyle related diseases or viruses get cured by the same phenomenon.

Follow this Juice Diet for 3 days to detoxify your body:

9 AM - Ash Gourd Juice/Coconut Water/Banana Stem Juice/Vegetable Juice

11 AM - Radiant Red Juice: Any one sweet juicy fruit like apple or pineapple + 1 beetroot + 2 carrots

2 PM - Glorified Green Juice: 2 cucumbers + handful of spinach leaves + some mint leaves + 1 tbsp of lemon juice

5 PM- Orange or Kinnow or Mosambi (Sweet lemon) Juice or any seasonal fruit juice

7 PM- Repeat Ash Gourd Juice or Green Juice

Points to Remember While Making Juice:

·         Do not forget to sieve the juices.

·         Do not add salt or any other seasoning. Let the juice be in its best natural form.

·         Have fruit juice only once in a day.

·         You can make juice of any seasonal vegetables available like tomato, kale, cabbage, etc.

Breaking Fast is as Important as Keeping Fast

When we drive a car, we don't jump from first gear to fourth gear directly. To reach the fourth gear, we need to go to the second then third and then fourth gear. Similarly, after keeping juice fast that too fibre-less for three days, we can't directly jump to eating grains.

Gears of Breaking the Fast:

Initiator: A glass of fibre juice

Gear 1: A bowl full of mono fruit (Any one kind of fruit)

Gear 2: A bowl full of salad (raw vegetables without salt, lemon juice, or any seasoning, or sauces)

Gear 3: Grains (Remember not to mix two types of grains)

Time taken to break the fast:

Time taken to break or open the fast is half the total time of fast.

If you have fasted for 3 days, then you need 1.5 days to break the fast. If you have kept the fast for 9 days, then you need 3 days to open the fast. If you have kept fast for 1 day, then you need ½ day to open the fast. In this way, your fast will get complete success and you will get maximum benefit of fasting.

What Should You Have on the Fourth Day?

Breakfast: Fibre Juice

Lunch: Mono fruit or vegetable

Dinner: Mono fruit or vegetable

On the fifth day, you will have a bowl of salad in breakfast and then you can continue with your grain meal from lunch.

This 3 day juice fasting will detoxify your body completely and throw all the waste out.

Don't be Scared if You Get Detoxifying Symptoms

While fasting you will get detoxifying symptoms like fever, severe headache, loose motion, vomiting, pasty teeth, stomach pain, layered tongue, smelly and dark yellow urine, and dark colored stool. You do not have to worry about these symptoms and a big no to any medicine. This is a cleaning process and medicine will stop this process. You just need to be rigid for 3 days. These symptoms show that your body is healing and cleaning from inside.

One more very important thing, you can't have anything else other than juices for 3 days. No soup, no tea, no coffee, no green tea, no herbal tea, nothing except juices and whatever is mentioned in the diet plan.

You will be surprised by the amount of energy you will have after these 3 days. Your body will be lighter, cleaner, and more energetic. So, why wait? Go fast and regain your health.

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