Rajma chawal, dal chawal, kadi chawal, chole chawal, sambhar chawal, and many more such combinations of rice are considered ideal and are mostly consumed almost daily. Why? Because your tongue loves all these combinations. This 3 inch tongue is the one which is responsible for all the diseases present in today's world. Have you ever given a thought about your stomach? How difficult it is for your stomach to digest all these heavy meals that too in a single day? Your stomach also deserves some rest.

Do you work in farms? Or in construction industry as a worker? Do you use your physical strength the entire day? Or do you have a 9-5 sitting job or any other job which uses mental power more than physical?

If you said yes for a 9-5 job, then you better not have two types of grains together.

Nowadays, multigrain flour is also in fashion and people, having blind trust on the television advertisements, are eating multigrain flour along with pulses and other grains. Do you have any idea how heavy this whole meal becomes? This meal might get digested to farmers or construction workers or factory workers who uses their physical energy whole day. But those who work on laptops or computers and have a full day sitting job, they must not have multigrain flour.

Why Not to Mix Two Types of Grains?

Combination of two or more grains can't be digested if you don’t do any physical work. The food will not get digested, remains in your body for longer duration, and starts rotting. This makes your body dirty from inside leading to various diseases like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, blood pressure, and many more.

Our body releases digestive juices according to the food we intake. When we eat multigrain food then our digestive system gets confused that which digestive juice it should release. Our body becomes unable to identify what exactly have you eaten and which digestive juice it must secretes for the digestion. This leads to improper secretion of digestive juices leading to indigestion. When we mix two types of grains, the meal becomes unsuitable for our today’s lifestyle. You must eat as per your lifestyle.

How Grains Should Be Consumed?

Wheat flour is the lightest among all the flours and you must take wheat flour with bran. Take 50% wheat flour and 50% any seasonal vegetable. You can grate the vegetable and use it raw or you can also boil it. Knead your wheat flour dough along with the vegetable. By adding vegetable to the wheat flour, it becomes even more easy for the body to digest. Also, it tastes yum. Instead of having one type of chapati daily, you can have different kinds and colorful chapatis daily which are even loved by kids. You can have green spinach chapati, red beetroot chapati, yellow pumpkin chapati, and many more. Your kids will love these, and they are healthy for them as well. Kids who show tantrums while eating veggies can have them in this form.

If you love rice, then take rice with vegetable instead of mixing it with pulses or any other grain. Quantity of vegetable should be more than that of rice. This combination is suitable for today’s lifestyle as it gets digested easily. By changing these small habits daily, you will very soon start feeling light and much more energetic.

So, combine right foods and live a healthy life forever.

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