Diet plan to follow for all 3 days:

9 AM - Ash Gourd Juice/Coconut Water/Banana Stem Juice/Vegetable Juice

11 AM - Radiant Red Juice: Any one sweet juicy fruit like apple or pineapple + 1 beetroot + 2 carrots

2 PM - Glorified Green Juice: 2 cucumbers + handful of spinach leaves + some mint leaves + 1 tbsp of lemon juice

5 PM- Orange or Kinnow or Mosambi (Sweet lemon) Juice or any seasonal fruit juice

7 PM- Repeat Ash Gourd Juice or Green Juice

Points to Remember While Making Juice:

  • Do not forget to sieve the juices.
  • Do not add salt or any other seasoning. Let the juice be in its best natural form.
  • Have fruit juice only once in a day.
  • You can make juice of any seasonal vegetables available like tomato, kale, cabbage, etc.
  • You can't have anything else other than juices for 3 days. No soup, no tea, no coffee, no green tea, no herbal tea, nothing except juices and whatever is mentioned in the diet plan.

Breaking Fast is as Important as Keeping Fast

When we drive a car, we don't jump from first gear to fourth gear directly. To reach the fourth gear, we need to go to the second then third and then fourth gear. Similarly, after keeping juice fast that too fiber-less for three days, we can't directly jump to eating grains.

Time Required to Break the Fast:

The time required to break the fast is half the total time of fasting.

If you have fasted for 3 days, then you need 1.5 days to break the fast. If you have kept the fast for 9 days, then you need 3 days to open the fast. If you have kept fast for 1 day, then you need ½ day to open the fast. In this way, your fast will get complete success and you will get the maximum benefit of fasting.

What Should You Have After 3-Day Juice Fast?

On the fourth day:

Breakfast: Fiber Juice (Any fruit juice or vegetable juice without sieving it)

Lunch: Mono fruit or vegetable

Dinner: Mono fruit or vegetable

On the next day i.e 5th Day, you will have a bowl of salad in breakfast and then you can continue with your grain meal from lunch.

This 3-day juice fasting will detoxify your body completely and throw all the waste out.

Don't be Scared if You Get Detoxifying Symptoms

While fasting you will get detoxifying symptoms like fever, severe headache, loose motion, vomiting, pasty teeth, stomach pain, layered tongue, smelly and dark yellow urine, and dark-colored stool. You do not have to worry about these symptoms and a big no to any medicine. This is a cleaning process and medicine will stop this process. You just need to be rigid for 3 days. These symptoms show that your body is healing and cleaning from inside.

Apply Wet Packs

Applying wet packs is greatly beneficial and important especially during fasting.

The wet pack is applied on stomach, eyes, head, and neck twice or thrice in a day. It is a cotton cloth dipped in normal tap water. You can use a handkerchief as a wet pack for head, eyes, and neck. For stomach, you can use a cotton dupatta or any cotton bed sheet.

Points to remember while applying wet pack:

  • You have to apply wet packs for half n hour. Just wrap it up and then you can do any work whether household chores or office work or just relax.
  • You have to use normal room temperature tap water for wet packs. Neither hot nor chilled.
  • Do not eat or drink anything when you have applied wet packs.
  • You can apply wet packs before or after meals or anytime during the day. '
  • It's important to apply wet packs when getting detoxifying symptoms like fever, headache, loose motion, vomiting, gastric problem, or any pain.
  • If there is a pain in any part of your body, you can apply this wet pack there as it gives instant relief.

Applying wet pack changes the temperature of that part of your body where you have applied it resulting in increased blood circulation. This results in quick healing of the body. When you will remove the wet pack after half n hour, you will notice that it has become hot as it has taken the temperature of your body.

You will be surprised by the amount of energy you will have after these 3 days. Your body will be lighter, cleaner, and more energetic. So, why wait? Plan your 3-Day Juice Fast and regain your health.

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