When it comes to weight loss, there are hundreds and thousands of Dos and Don'ts available on the internet. Eat more fiber, eat less fat, take more protein, lower your carbohydrate intake, follow this diet, do this exercise, drink more water, do this yoga posture, don’t do this yoga posture, don’t eat this, do this, don’t do that, and bla bla bla…

I am not saying that all these methods are useless or do not work out. Some do. By following some specific methods, you will surely reduce some weight. Even I did a little. But, did I become healthier after that? No. Just losing some weight is not enough. Losing weight along with gaining health is what is important.

I tried gymming, I did Yoga, I had detox drinks, I did morning walk, I sipped hot water empty stomach, and I even starved but I never succeeded in losing all that stubborn fat from my body. I felt like my efforts are not paying me back. There is something which I am doing wrong and there is something which those on the same path are doing wrong.

In Feb 2020, I got all the answers!

I along with my husband attended a one-day session in Rohini in Nov 2019 led by Acharya Mohan Gupta. To explore more about it, we attended his 4-day residential camp in Feb 2020 and then, all our queries got the answers. The knowledge we got from there is logical, scientific, and most ideal. No products or drugs are being sold there. He just shared the science which he learnt from his guru. And, this science is not only limited to weight loss. This science helps in every health-related problem that a person can have be it diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, skin disease, eyesight, heart disease, any deficiency, or even cancer. Weight loss is just a tiny bit of all the benefits you can avail from this science.

The only major problem I was dealing with was weight and leg cramps. But my husband was dealing with some chronic health problems. He had a tumor behind his right ear. From many years, he was suffering from abdominal pain because of constipation. He also had color blindness which is a hereditary problem and it has no cure in medical science till date. Apart from these, hair fall, weak eyesight, and overweight are other health problems which he was facing.

We haven’t believed on anything blindly...

Science if not applied is mere a theory. We got the knowledge and we got the answers. So, now begins the practical stuff. We started applying that science in our daily life. We changed our lifestyle and guess what? Miracles start happening.

I lost 18 Kgs. No more leg cramps. My husband lost 32 Kgs. He was 98 and now he is 66. His tumor is dissolved, and the hair fall has stopped. He had 1.5 cylindrical power in both eyes and 1.25 spherical in one eye. Now, he wears 0 power blu ray spectacles that too only while working, driving, and watching TV. And, the most amazing thing that happened is no more color blindness. The problem, for which the medical science has no cure, is cured now that too naturally without any drugs. We were so astonished by such quick and positive results.

Then, we decided to share this knowledge with the world and contribute to making it a healthier & happy place.

What we concluded after gaining and applying all the knowledge is that our health is the food we eat, simple! That food you grab everyday decides how healthy or unhealthy you are, or you will be in future. Health issues arise because of the food we eat, and health issues resolve because of the food we eat. I am not only talking about physical health. Health includes physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Now, coming back to weight loss…

I just brought these changes in my lifestyle:

I started drinking one of these: 250 ml ash gourd juice or 1 coconut water or 250 ml banana stem juice every morning empty stomach.

The pH value of our blood must be in between 7.36 to 7.4. This value varies depending on the food that we eat so our body keeps struggling daily to maintain this range. Going out of this range makes our body acidic leading to multiple diseases. Ash gourd juice is highly alkaline in nature so is coconut water and banana stem juice. These drinks help our body in maintaining the pH level of our blood. Along with that, these also help in throwing away all the toxins from our body.

I sunbath for half n hour daily.

After sunbathing, you can notice the excretion of toxins from your body on your own in the form of darker urine and smelly sweat. Sunbath is super effective in weight loss and the best thing is that it's absolutely free of cost! Yet, we ignore it.

I replaced my breakfast with a bowl full of any one kind of seasonal fruit.

Trust me, you will feel much more energetic and lighter if you will just replace your heavy, fried, oily, roasted breakfast with fresh and seasonal fruits. They comprise 70% water so as our body. They are sun-cooked and delicious. Just this tiny change in my lifestyle increased my productivity in work, improved my focus, concentration, and increased my energy for the entire day.

I replaced my lunch with a bowl full of raw seasonal vegetable salad.

I used to have salad only along with my meals but not as a complete meal. When I replaced my lunch with salad, I assumed that this cannot satisfy my hunger. But, it did. In fact, it tastes yum. The way we were told to make salad is amazing. You can check the recipe of making salad here: https://downtherope.com/delicious-salad-recipe/

I eat cooked food only once in a day and it actually is enough. I do not starve at all.

In between the meals, I sometimes have herbal tea or green tea (not the packed one). Sometimes, I also have lemonade with jaggery in it (Must try).

Apart from these changes, one of the major changes we made in our lifestyle is becoming dairy-free or Vegan. We do not even feel like having any milk product now. And, the results are amazing. We have replaced dairy milk with coconut, almond, cashew, and peanut milk. Cottage cheese, curd, mayonnaise, cheese sauce, strawberry shake, peanut butter shake, sweets, and many other byproducts of dairy milk can be made by these kinds of milk as well.

So, that’s how I and my husband lost that stubborn fat and gained our health back. Now, we no more feel breathless while trekking or climbing stairs. We don’t rely on any drugs for any health problem. We are living an ideal, healthy, and happy life. This doesn't mean we don't party or we have completely stopped eating outside. But now we know how to keep a balance. Whenever we eat unhealthy, fried, oily outside fast food any day, we increase the intake of fruits and raw vegetables the next day. So, that's how we balance our diet. Most of the problems everybody has today are related to lifestyle. Making some tiny changes in your lifestyle will do the needful. Take tiny steps and you will get great results in the long run.

Keep reading for understanding the complete science.

Check this out to know why we became dairy-free: https://downtherope.com/why-humans-drink-milk/

If you need any assistance or have any query, you can write to us @ downtherope@gmail.com.