It was the 12th of March 2021 when I came to know that I am having a rare eye disorder called Keratoconus which I have heard for the very first time.

So, what is it exactly?

In simpler terms, the deforming of the cornea’s shape is what keratoconus is. The shape of my cornea changed from spherical to conical.


How I came to know about it?

In March, I started having headaches frequently. I thought maybe the number of my eyes have changed. So, I went to the optician for an eye test. He tried all the lenses on me, but I was not able to see clearly with any of them. He asked to see an eye specialist.

I along with my husband got scared and went to an eye specialist nearby immediately.

After checking thoroughly, the eye specialist told us that maybe I am having keratoconus in my right eye. She was not sure.

We were like, “What? What is it?”. We had no idea what it means but it was sounding scary to us at that moment.  Then, she explained to us about it and suggested getting a Corneal Tomography test done to confirm and also to know further about the exact condition of the eye. This test is to measure the thickness of the cornea because in keratoconus, the thickness of the cornea starts diminishing and if it diminishes after a certain point, then the only way to save the vision is an eye transplant.

I was strictly asked not to watch television or use a laptop or mobile even for a minute.

My husband thoroughly researched everything about Keratoconus, and we understood that this is something serious.

So, the next day we went to an eye hospital in Delhi and get corneal tomography done. We were waiting for the reports, fingers crossed, and just praying for things not to get worse and out of control.

Reports came and confirmed that I am having keratoconus in both my eyes but it’s more in the right one than the left. So, the eye specialist’s doubt was correct.

We showed the reports to the cornea specialist and asked what to do now. She told us that Keratoconus can’t be cured or reversed medically but its progression can be stopped by Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin or in short C3R surgery in which the top layer of the cornea (epithelium) is gently removed first. Then the cornea is saturated with collagen and riboflavin (vitamin B2), and then UV light is applied to activate the solution. This surgery is to significantly strengthen the rigidity of the cornea and slow down the progression of keratoconus. But even after the surgery, I will be required to wear a special kind of contact lenses which are called Scleral contact lenses and that too for my entire lifetime, because spectacles won’t work.

We looked at each other. Scared, lost, and confused about what should be done. We asked her how urgent this surgery is required and can we wait for some time to decide what to do. She said no, it is urgently required.

I paused, took some time, stopped panicking, calmed myself down, and then...

I denied. I was not ready for the surgery at all. I knew this is not the solution. So, we came back home.

Somewhere deep inside me, I have more trust in the science of natural lifestyle than medical science. Earlier also, we have cured many of our health problems with it. My husband cured his eyes and even his colorblindness which is also a medically non-curable hereditary disease.

So, after discussing with my husband and the entire family, I decided to wait for a month and treat this condition naturally.

Here’s how?

If you follow my blog, then you must know that some acute diseases are good and come for the detoxification of our body including fever, cough, pain, boils, ulcers, and headache. And, whenever these diseases come, we must switch to water fasting and stop eating. These diseases are an opportunity that our body gives us to clean up all the mess we have done to it. If you suppress these diseases then, they eventually come back in a more aggressive form which results in chronic and then destructive diseases.

Fortunately, I got this opportunity on that day only. I got a fever, headache, and extreme cough in the evening. So, I switched to water fasting and taken enema. The temperature was going up and up. The next day, it reached 103. And at night, I fainted and fell on the ground for few seconds. Everybody panicked.

When I regained consciousness, I can hear everybody screaming, panicking, and praying. I looked at my panicked husband and said, “Fever kam ho gya (Temperature has got down), I am feeling better now.” Immediately, he checked my temperature, and it was 99.


After that, I had some vegetable stock made by my super-caring mother-in-law. I also had some papaya after that.

It took 2 more days to recover from the fever completely but a week to get rid of the body weakness.

After curing fever and cough, now it’s time to deal with Keratoconus. So, here begins my journey to treat a medically non-curable disease naturally.

My day starts with sungazing and praying followed by eye exercises, acupressure, and pranayama. I did pranayama, eye exercises twice, and acupressure thrice a day. Then I wash my eyes with cold water using eyecups. This also I did 2-3 times in a day.

After that, I apply a wet pack on the eyes and stomach too as every disease’s root cause is indigestion due to the food we eat. Applying a wet pack changes the temperature of that area which results in an increased blood circulation. I did this four times a day.

My food routine remains the same which I have shared with you all earlier also. Fruits in breakfast, salad in lunch, and oil-free cooked meal in dinner. No protein, no milk or milk products, no two grains together, no pulses, no caffeine, no packaged food, nothing with preservatives, no outside food, no swiggy, no zomato, no cheat day, and most importantly No Maida (all-purpose flour). Later in this blog, you will come to know why I am emphasizing on maida.

My eyes were improving but at a very slow pace. At a point, it became difficult for me to follow the routine. After some days, I started getting lazy and end up doing everything just once or twice a day. I was getting demotivated.

Here comes my Husband, my ultimate motivator and a superb listener. He calmly listened to what I am dealing with and then gave me two solutions.

First, to speed up the pace of improvement, he asked me to do juice fasting for 3 days which he also did for his eyes. It helped him a lot in treating colorblindness and astigmatism.

Second, he asked me to gamify everything. Make a chart, start noting down everything, and keep it in front of your eyes so that you can see it daily. What can’t be measured can’t be improved. He also bought an eye chart and pasted it on one of the walls and asked me to keep noticing the status of my vision.

I did the same.

I remain on juice fasting, not for 3 days but 5 days. I took enema twice a day. It’s necessary to take an enema during fasting days. After 5 days, I followed back the same routine of having a cooked meal once a day.

I pasted a chart on my washroom’s door. Initially, I was doing this just because he asked me to do so but eventually, I realized that this trick works. By marking on that chart daily, I get motivated and regained that rhythm again. I got back on track and religiously followed everything for the rest of the month. My vision started getting clearer and clearer.

24th April – The Result Day!

We went to the optician again to get the eye test done. And the results were positive.

My number reduced and my spectacles are working fine for me again. It means, my deformed cornea is back into its shape again. I can see clearly through the normal lenses now.

What a relief! We were feeling so thankful so grateful to God. We told this good news to the entire family. They were so happy and amazed too.

Now, they have also started believing and following this science.

So, why this actually happened?

When asked about it to the cornea specialist, she doesn’t have an answer to why this problem occurs. She said there is no reason for this. It just happens.

But we understood the reason.

Till Sept 2020, we were following the diet of natural lifestyle religiously as it has cured all our health problems. In Oct, we went for a trip to Manali and we were absolutely fine with no health problems at all. So, we started cheating and eventually forgot about the diet and taken whatever we wanted to. After coming back home from the trip also, we didn’t stop. Keeping cheat day twice or thrice in a month is fine but we started ordering from Swiggy and Zomato almost daily. It’s like our taste buds are no more accepting simple homemade food now. We even started having cheese in our meals regularly and adding different kinds of sauces in our salad to make it tastier. We didn’t realize that we were compromising our health to satisfy our taste buds until I got this disease. It’s like a wake-up call saying enough now.

Most of our meals were made with Maida. Whether we were ordering from outside or we were making anything at home, maida used to be the main ingredient. This leads to the worsening of my cough resulting in Sinus which in the end impacted my eyes. The extreme cough I got during the fever was Sinus. So, that’s the reason I emphasized on maida. This according to me is the main factor along with others.

It's not like not following this diet will always lead to some kind of health problems. People do eat maida and milk products and other stuff. They might say that why nothing has happened to them then, which makes sense. But the thing is everybody’s body is different and reacts differently. And our body keeps managing and tolerating the havoc we create to a certain limit. But when it goes beyond a limit, then only our body reacts and start warning us in the form of diseases.

Today I am fine. We are back on track. We do cheat day today also but now once or twice a month. So, we understood that keeping a balance is very important. Now, whenever we grab something from outside, we intake more fruits and salad the next day to balance it out. It’s ok to compromise with taste but not with health because it’s the base of everything. For a month, I felt like my life has stopped. I can’t work, I can't watch TV, I can't see mobile. But got a lesson and now everything is fine.

I got back to my work. I started using mobile again. I can watch my favourite shows again.

Now, we trust natural lifestyle more than ever before. No more fear. Even if we get any health issue in future, by god’s mercy, we know how to reverse it.

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I hope sharing this experience might make you look into your health and lifestyle as well.

Take care everyone. Stay Safe 😊