If your mouth is completely filled with water and you are asked to do gargling, will you be able to do it? No. If you completely fill a container with curd, will you be able to churn butter from it? No. Similarly, if you fill your stomach completely with food, it can’t get digested as there is no space left for digestive juices secreted by the body.

Understand the Science behind Acid Reflux:

When you completely fill your stomach with food, there is no space left for digestive juices. But as per the rule, our body secretes digestive juices or acids. Now, these juices because of no space in the stomach get stuck in the food pipe. This is what we call Acidity. The food inside the stomach starts rotting and releases some gases. Some of these gases are exhaled by the body in the form of fart and some comes out from our mouth. While coming out from the mouth, these gases come in contact with the digestive juices or acids which are stuck in the food pipe. Thus, the gases become acidic. This is what we call Acidic Burp or Acid Reflux.

There is one simple thumb rule: Do not eat after getting Content Burp. You will never get acidic burps or acid reflux if you just follow this. Nothing else is required. We are humans and it's in our tendency to think that just one more slice of pizza or just few more sips of cold drink or just one more butter naan will have no harm as such. But, it does. You must stop yourself from overeating and get present about your health.

80% of the population is suffering from gastric problems. Why? Because they either are not aware about this thumb rule or are ignoring it.

Whenever you buy any gadget or electronic item, you get a manual with it which shows how to use it and what are some precautions to be followed. Similarly, Mother Nature has also made certain rules and regulations for human beings which must be followed. One of the rules among them is never overeat or never eat after getting content burp. Follow it and your acid reflux will be gone like it never existed.

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