Our stomach releases digestive juices according to the food we intake. If we eat pulses, it will release that digestive juice which digests pulses. If we eat rice, it will release digestive juices specifically to digest rice. Similarly, different digestive juices are released for the digestion of different types of food.

When you eat multigrain flour, your stomach becomes confused that what exactly it needs to digest. Therefore, the digestive juices are not released properly. This leads to indigestion. Due to indigestion, the body is not able to take nutrients from the food you intake. It becomes unable to excrete the waste material out of the body. This accumulation of waste material, filth, and toxins inside your body leads to diseases like arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, stones, constipation, and many others.

So, if you are having multigrain flour thinking that it is more nutritious and healthy for your and your loved ones health then, you need to think again. There is a difference between the actual needs of your body and those needs which are created via advertisements, social media, and other platforms. Those needs flourish the bank balance of manufacturers not your health. It’s high time to wake up and be aware about what you are giving to your body and what it actually requires.

Wheat flour with bran is the lightest among all the flours. Take 50% wheat flour and 50% any raw vegetable like carrot, beetroot, cucumber, spinach, pumpkin, or any other vegetable of your choice. Grate or steam the vegetable and mix it with the flour and knead it. You will get not only nutritious but colourful chapatis daily. Adding any vegetable to the wheat flour makes it easily digestible.

You will never see any advertisement showcasing vegetables or fruits or coconut water as these will not be profitable. They will only advertise those foods which generate maximum revenue. So, think before purchasing and start adding natural healthy foods to your diet.

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