Did you have stones in your lunch today or in dinner or in breakfast? Have you ever wondered from where these stones come in your body? You are eating aloo gobhi and you are getting pain of stones. Does that aloo gobhi become stones inside your body? What are these stones and why these are formed in your body?

Let's understand it by one illustration.

Suppose you are sitting in a conference room for a meeting. A person who is too negative and is not liked by anyone comes and sit in the meeting. Everyone gets pissed off and disturbed by his presence. Without him, the atmosphere was quite positive and peaceful but his presence has disturbed everyone.

There can be three ways to get rid of that unwanted person. Throw him out forcefully, intoxicate him and let him sit inside only, or let him leave on his own by not entertaining him.

If you throw that person out forcefully then, chances are that he will come back as he has not left by his own will. If you intoxicate him and let him sit inside in the conference room only then, there will be fear that he can regain his consciousness anytime and after that he will be in much more anger and frustration.

The best way is to keep patience and not to entertain him so that he will leave on his own after some time.

Similarly, when you get any disease in your body like stones, you try to throw them out forcefully by operating them. This doesn’t assure you that those stones will not form again. They can come back in future and will again disturb you. When you suppress the presence of these stones by other violent methods present nowadays, you still remain fearful and know that they are still inside your body. Their presence can disturb you anytime. So, the best way to treat stones is not to feed them for some days. It means FASTING. By fasting, they will automatically leave your body and will never come back. Natural curing methods of mother nature do not suppress any disease inside your body rather throw them out permanently.

Pain of stones is a WARNING by which your body tries to tell you that there is some foreign material present in your body. If body doesn’t give you that pain then how will you come to know about the presence of stones? They would have increased in size or quantity and damage your kidney or gall bladder. Therefore, pain is like a sign that draws your attention.

Just like stones, if you are taking treatments of BP, Diabetes, Sugar, etc., you remain fearful and get health check up done again and again. Deep inside you know that on stopping the treatment, your problem will increase. This means your diseases are not getting cured permanently and they remain inside your body. They are just getting suppressed and if this goes on for some years, they will take more aggressive form like heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, etc.

So, the conclusion is accumulation of toxins, filth, and waste material inside your body is what we call Disease and that's what form stones. By adapting natural methods, you can get rid of any disease permanently. You have to have faith on our Mother Nature. She loves us and cares for us. She wants us to remain healthy. Listen to her and listen to the signals given by your body to live a healthy life forever.

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