Have you noticed a dog when he is not feeling well? He stops eating his food. The same is with cats, cows, and all other animals. They stop eating food when they fall sick. Why? Because they understand Mother Nature more than we Humans do.

Whenever we fall ill, Mother Nature kills our hunger. There is a limited amount of energy stored in our body. Digestion takes up to 70-80% of it. By killing our hunger, Mother Nature saves this energy so that it can be utilised in the healing process. Compare this scenario with that of an inverter. In absence of electricity, we utilise the stored energy of inverter. We use this energy only for necessary things. If we need to use a grinder then we switch off fans and lights. If we need lights and fans then we switch off other things which are not required at that moment. Likewise, this power distribution system of inverter showcases the optimum use of the limited energy available. Similarly, Mother Nature wants to heal us so she kills our hunger and use the stored energy in healing us. If we keep eating while we are sick then, the Mother Nature won’t be able to cure us as most of the energy gets utilised in the digestion process.

Our inner healing power is so strong that it can even rejoin a broken bone. It’s not the plaster or drugs you take because of which the broken bone rejoins. It’s your inner healing power. Plaster just provides support and drugs just suppress the pain. The rest of the healing is done by our inner healing power. Imagine if our inner healing power is so strong that it can rejoin a broken bone then it can cure our diseases also. We don’t need to take any help from outside. The healer is inside us. You just need to acknowledge it and trust it’s power. Whenever you fall ill, just give rest to your stomach. Don’t drain out the energy for digestion. Let Mother Nature cure your disease.

If you will not suppress acute diseases including fever, cough, vomiting, lose motions, boils, and pain by drugs then they won’t take more aggressive forms like diabetes, blood pressure, stones, arthritis, asthma, etc. If you won’t suppress these aggressive forms or chronic diseases then they won’t take super aggressive forms like heart disease, brain haemorrhage, stroke, Alzheimer, and Cancer. It’s necessary to let those toxins out from your body which are making you diseased and this is only possible if you will stop eating till you feel healthy again.

So, Stop, Think, and then Act.

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