Most of the people do not know the value of health until it's lost. Indeed, the more people are becoming civilised, the more they are becoming habitual of being unhealthy. So, what exactly is health? Absence of disease? No. Health is a combination of physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well being.

People because of ignorance take their health for granted. They have this myth in their mind that their health is an inexhaustible possession which will not be lost by their way of living. And in case if they get any disease, there are hundreds of shops selling those little bitter candies to treat that disease. So, they become ignorant and live their life without even trying to know the laws of hygiene and health.

When they fall ill, instead of depending on their inner healing power and Mother Nature, they remain dependent on those bitter candies. These candies, along with treating the existent disease, sow a seed of another disease which will come into limelight after some years in future. Because there is no instant negative reaction of these candies, none can even guess the link between them and that new disease which will emerge later in future.

Understand this by an illustration: John gets diagnosed with Diabetes. Obviously, he wants to get rid of the disease. Now, he starts taking the candies assuming that after taking them, he will soon get cured. He took them for 1-2 years. He got his checkup done and sees great improvement in the results. He becomes happy and thinks that these candies work. After a few years, he got a heart attack. Now, John will not relate this heart attack with those candies he had taken for diabetes? Most of the people don't think from this perspective. For them, they got a new disease now which needs to be treated. Again, John will take more candies to treat this disease and again after a few years, he will get another disease. More diseases more candies more diseases more candies and it goes on and becomes a Perfect Business!

People don't understand the real need of the hour which is not "How to get cured?". The need of the hour is "How not to get diseased?".  

Dr Sir William Oster stated in the Health for All Aug-Sept 1959 that the patient has to recover twice- once from the disease and once from the remedy. The reason is obvious – the remedy generates a new disease, a worse one. Suppressing any disease generates a new more aggressive disease in future.

Changing one’s way of life is the best way by which diseases can be prevented.

Shri Vinoba Bhave once remarked that there is no antagonism between diseases on one side and remedies on another. If these two were antagonism, then with every increase in the number of remedies must be followed by a decrease in the number of diseases across the world. But is this what’s happening? No. This is a vicious circle which goes on without an end.

The right principle and policy of a healthy life is the Non-Violence method of Mother Nature which is a guiding principle of natural hygiene. This includes the right knowledge of the fundamentals of true biology.

An Army Doctor Gained Faith in Mother Nature

Dr Edward Hooker Dewey from the U.S. inclined to this policy after watching an adolescent girl recovering. After completing his medical course, Dr Edward served as an Army doctor. He was not convinced and happy with the modern methods followed nowadays. These methods were weakening his faith in the teaching he had received. He settled down in a small town to practice his first case which was of an adolescent girl suffering from a stomach ulcer. She was not able to retain anything whether food, water, or candies. She vomited whatever was given to her. At this point, Dr Edward understood that this is nature’s way of telling not to come between her and her patients.

For 16 days, the girl was given nothing. On the 17th day, she demanded water. She was able to digest water after having nothing for 16 days. After 2-3 days, she demanded something to eat. She was able to digest food also till then. Gradually, she recovered her health within a month. After this case, Dr Edward treated another patient with the same non-violent method. He was left to fast. He also recovered. This discovered the origin of Fasting Cure.

There is a mysterious healing power inside every human body which is actively protecting our life and health. Have you ever noticed dogs or cows when they fall ill? They stop eating. They understand this power more than humans. Dogs start eating grass when ill and within a few days, they recover and get their health back.

Animals Understand Mother Nature More Than Us

A family once owned a calf which became seriously ill and reached dying condition. The owner of the calf thought that there is no point in tying the calf now so it must be left free. The calf being free got up with great difficulty and went to an open space where the sun was shining. The calf basked in the sunlight and then went back to the shed, had some water and fasted. For 3 days, the calf followed this routine after which he recovered and began to take food normally again. The members of the family were so astonished to see this non-violent method that the calf followed.

What do you do when an unwanted guest comes to your house? His presence begins affecting your peace and environment. The best way to get rid of this unwanted guest is not to give him food for at least 3 days.

Diseases are also like unwanted guests.

If not given food for 3 days, they will starve and leave your body, and will never come back. The duration of fasting depends on the complexity of diseases and also on how old the disease is. Fasting holds a great significance not only by a spiritual point of view but also from a scientific point of view. Every human being must keep fast once in 15 days for the complete detoxification of the body. Fasting makes your body clean from inside. If humans understand and adapt this non-violent method, then gradually they will start becoming healthy naturally.

In Ayurveda, its mentioned, “Langhanam Param Aushadham”. This means that fasting is the best medicine. Nowadays, humans are not at all willing to live a healthy life with natural methods. They want easy and quick cure without getting reformed. The best policy which every human being must follow is to listen and understand what his body is demanding. It must be understood that hygiene is the only true science of rejuvenation.

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