There are certain diseases which must come to actually make you healthier. This is nature's way of curing.

Diseases are classified into three categories – Acute, Chronic, and Destructive. Acute diseases if suppressed becomes chronic diseases and if chronic diseases are suppressed then they become destructive diseases.

Acute diseases come in everybody’s life no matter how old or young any person is. They were present even a decade ago in our ancestors bodies. Animals and birds also get acute diseases. These are actually a boon for every living being.

Cold, cough, vomiting, lose motions, fever, boils, ulcers, and pain – these are acute diseases which should never ever be suppressed. These diseases are actually mediums through which our body cleanses itself from inside. They are not at all harmful in fact they are good diseases.

But today, people get panic on getting these diseases and try to suppress them to get relief instantly. By doing this, you actually stops the cleansing process of the body. Now, the body is unable to throw out the toxins and filth accumulated inside your body. This suppression of acute diseases leads to Chronic diseases like blood pressure, sugar, joint pain, asthma, thyroid, piles, obesity, constipation, skin disease, etc.

Now if you will suppress these chronic diseases also for some more years and stop the process of cleaning, you will get relief for the time being but they will come back in the form of destructive diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, brain haemorrhage, paralysis, cancer, etc.

If at the very first stage, we stop suppressing acute diseases then they will not become chronic. If we stop suppressing at the second stage then they will not become destructive. You can make a U-turn from any stage. No matter how old you are, you should never get chronic and destructive diseases.

Mother nature tries to cure you naturally so that toxins accumulated in your body from years of bad eating habits can be thrown out before they take a more aggressive form.

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